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About Us

Matrix Controls, was founded in 1989. We are a LonMark partner and a well-known building management system manufacture in Singapore. Our leading range of BMS solutions, provides fully automated HVAC management that is designed with energy efficiency in mind. Our solutions has been proven in quality conscious markets of Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and the rapidly advancing nation of China.

With our years of experience in HVAC control and LonWorks system development, our engineers are able to rapidly propose a system built with our application specific LonWorks products to provide the optimum system control to meet networked control requirements. Our series of LonWorks application specific DDCs (ASDDC) have been widely and successfully used in many office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, holiday resorts, libraries and university campuses, catering to the diverse and varied needs of these very functionally different buildings. In the field of building automation, energy management and HVAC control, Matrix Controls is a leading developer and manufacturer of LonWorks ASDDC.

Our Office

R&D Room.

Conference Room.

Electromagnetic Compatibility(EMC)
and Electrical Fast Transient
Testing Room.

All of our products are calibrated
and tested to ensure they
meet specifications.

Workshop to solder prototypes.


We have invested in testing and prototyping equipment to ensure that our products are designed and manufactured to the highest specifications.

3D Printer for rapid plastic prototyping.

Electrical Fast Transient Generator to
ensure our products exceeds the
minimum CE &FCC requirements.

R&S Electromagnetic Compatibility(EMC)
Tester for CE & FCC pre qualification

Chroma Digital Power Meter for power

BGA Station to perform BGA rework and prototpying
ensure our products exceeds the
minimum CE &FCC requirements.

LCR Meter to ensure components purchased
meets the required specifications.